Water Damage Grand Junction

Property damage of any type – water, fire, or mold – is traumatizing. What do you do? Who do you turn to? At Mesa Restoration, we are a dedicated team of certified professionals whose mission is residential and commercial property restoration damage. We’ll assess the damage and create a plan for proper and safe cleaning, drying, and restoration work of your property and assets.

Water Damage Services

No matter the cause – a burst pipe, rain flooding through damaged roofing, water from extinguishing a fire, swamp cooler leaks, and more – we provide water damage restoration in Grand Junction and surrounding areas. The longer the water and resulting damage is left unaddressed, the greater the danger to your home and your health. Standing water can also become highly toxic, containing bacteria such as E. coli.

Protect your wellbeing and your loved ones by contacting us. Our water damage services include inspection and assessment of damage, water removal, drying and dehumidification, and restoration of property and possessions damaged by water. Click here to learn more about our Water Damage services.

Mold Remediation

Many people assume mold is a rare to non-existent occurrence in arid Western Colorado, but this is not the case. Mold can grow anywhere there is shade, moisture, and a food source, such as wood. If you notice a spongy growth in a bathroom corner, or notice cracking and dampness in walls and ceilings, it’s likely you have a mold or mildew problem.

Mold can adversely affect your health, causing allergy like symptoms and respiratory issues. Mesa Restoration use the
latest equipment to remove mold, and repair any damage.

Fire Damage

Fire does more than compromise the integrity of a structure – smoke damage is also another safety hazard. Smoke contains carcinogens, or toxins, that can seriously impact your health, such as by causing respiratory issues. The sooner fire and smoke damage are addressed, the better.

The first 48 hours post fire are crucial. Smoke embeds itself into your dwelling’s walls, ceilings, and carpet, as well as your possessions. The quicker we can address it, the better the chances of item restoration.

Flood Damage

Floods can and do occur in arid Western Colorado. Sitting at the juncture of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, Grand Junction has experienced flood damage in years past.

Summer thunderstorms can also lead to flooding. If your residence or workplace experiences a flood, call Mesa Restoration: we’ll extract standing water, thoroughly air and dry out the dwelling, and thoroughly sanitize affected areas as well.

Residential & Commercial Damage Restoration

We are proud to provide both residential and commercial damage restoration – we make your home and business as they were before your disaster.

We thoroughly understand that property damage goes far beyond material and structural damage: your very home and livelihood are
majorly impacted.


What Makes Us Different

Our Values


We value honesty and operate on open communication to best serve our clients,
especially when it comes to helping our clients navigate and work with their insurance.


We perform all work with empathy as we understand we’re not just restoring a
structure or concrete items: we make your home or business safe and functional once again.


We not only know our industry, but provide professional and friendly customer
service that you can trust.


We provide emergency restoration services in the event of fire, flood, or water
damage. Whatever day of the week, or whatever time of day, we are available to help you.


We are IICRC Certified (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification),
adhering strictly to all restoration safety procedures and standards according to our industry’s

About Us

Mesa Restoration is a family owned and locally operated company proud to serve the Grand Junction and Western Slope Community. All members of our team (as opposed to just lead technicians) are properly licensed and certified to perform water, fire, and mold damage restoration.

Our Team

Our team are all highly dedicated and knowledgeable professionals with a passion for helping others. In addition, our Senior Technician is just a step away from obtaining his Triple Master IICRC certification (one of the only people to do so in the entire Western Slope of Colorado). As a team, we pool all our expertise together to best serve you and to keep you informed of the
restoration process on your property.


We’re here for your residential and commercial restoration needs, reach out to us today.